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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another redneck post....

I get my redneck-ness (?) from the hubs. He was born & raised in Arizona (Cottonwood to be exact), and well, his whole fam damily is rednecks...he didn't have a chance. lol

Anyway, he wanted a fridge for his office and the one we bought on Craigslist was a touch too big, but the fugly one he had in his garage was perfect. Only thing was the fuglyness of it's a glimpse. I didn;t think of taking pics until we were half done.
What you can't see is that it was in a fire...not ours...hubs does insurance restoration, and a lot of items the insurance companies claim out as a loss, he cleans up & brings home. 90% of the time, they are perfectly fine, just a lot of cleaning and some painting. It has served us well in the decor of our home. Although, that doesnt sound very good. lol

Anyway, back to the fridge. Hubs didn't want to paint the fridge, he wanted to do something different so I suggested Mod Podging cammo fabric onto it.

He was so excited, it was hilarious. We went to the fabric store & he was very careful on selecting the fabric...did you know Joann's has a lot of cammo fabric? Or is that just here in redneck city? ;o)

Everyone in his office LOVES his fridge. The back wall in his office has been cammo'd out, and he will be taking his bobcat rug and mount from our master bedroom to put it up in there. (thank goodness!!) Maybe I should post pics when it is all done.

So now you know a little more about me and my redneck "style". LOL


Laurie said...

That is super cool! I love it and so would my sons. I've been promising them a mini-fridge for their room (they are 14 and 8) and I think they'd love to design something on it like this. Thanks for sharing! Please come by my blog and enter to win some really awesome decorative tape from TapeSwell - they have designs for all tastes. Here's the link:

Vivienne said...

Ha! I LOVE that!! I will NOT be letting my Hubs see that, for fear he'd want to try it on our fridge.

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