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Sunday, January 9, 2011

You might be a redneck...

If you're wearing your undies as a faux tank!

You know those commercials on t.v. with the piece of fabric that covers a woman', northern assets.

I have a couple of blouses that I have to wear something under because the neckline is waaay low, but I HATE to wear tanks or even camisole's underneath. I am not one of those peole that layer my clothing. Blech, I'm chunky and uncomfortable as is, I don't need any more "bulk". lol

So back in December, I went to wear one of my fave blouses. It's flow-y around the midsection & I was feeling particularly bloated...but the neckline looks like this:

WHOA Nelly, cover that stuff up! There are children around!

So I was trying to think of what I could wear underneath without having to do the layers. All of a sudden, it hit me...I have some undies that I never liked, and they have lace trim. I can use those!

Here they are. And yes, they are clean...dirty undies would be nasty and I can't believe you even thought that! lol

 All I did was cut up the sides and across the bottom at the seam.

Then all I had near me were big honkin' safety pins, so I used those to attach it to my bra and voila!

And here's the PG version of my blouse.

A redneck faux cami!

If you didn't have any un-comfy undies hanging around, I think the Dollar Store carries some?

Oh, and the funny thing is...I ended up not wearing the blouse that day. LOL
Typical me....


Anonymous said...

I knew there was another use for those skimpy lace things in the bottom of my closet. The note on the box reads "second chance at life".
You could also stamp a rose on the black piece. Roses in Winter.
Whatever works for you. LOL
Me in Surprise. sma

Marjori Miller said...

Hey Susan-Marie, that would totally look cute too!! Thanks!!

Vivienne said...

I'm sorry, but that may possibly be the most brilliant-No duh!-I can't believe that never occurred to me-revelation EVER! I might just have to go shred some undies now.

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