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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Design help....

Hello Blog Land!

I recently painted a couple walls in my den/open kitchen area & one wall in particular is giving me decor troubles. I don't know what to put up there....I had a scroll-y thing before, but never cared for it.

The main problem (to me) is that the big screen tv is centered on that wall. I don't think anything square or rectangle will look good becuz of the tv I wrong?

Here's the wall in question (you can see how it is open to the kitchen on the right):

I don't think a mirror would be good because right across from it is this...
you can see the wall & tv in the

And to the right of that wall is this:

 Sooooo, what do YOU think? I'd love to create something like this to put up there:

(Edited to add: This project is from Jennifer at Hope Studios ... They are paint samples!)

But then again, it is square...decisions, decisions!

Thanks for ANY ideas you may toss my way!!


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RachelandEric said...

I had that same issue in my master bedroom! I had the tv on a stand and had NO idea what to do above it! What I ended up doing was getting a cheap wall mount, and mounted the t.v. up higher so it is more centered up and down on the wall, and I turned my t.v. stand into a makeshift bench for my husband and I to sit and put our shoes and socks on. In your case, you could do a wall mount and then do accessories on the stand underneath. Just an idea!

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